Thinking about Newcomer Health, Neighbourhood Vibrancy at The Brain


Show notes for: Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Recording Location: The Brain, 199 James North, Hamilton (Central Neighbourhood)


Alicia Ridge

Alicia Ridge, RN

Alicia Ridge is a Nurse from Refuge: Centre for Newcomer Health, a clinic established to help newly arrived refugees and immigrants access proper health care.  Alicia sits down with us to talk about the clinic, and about some of the struggles that newcomers can face when they need medical care.

Jeremy Freiburger

Jeremy Freiburger, CoBALT Connects

Jeremy Freiburger is the Chief Connector and Cultural Strategist at CoBALT Connects. He joins us to talk about Expressing Vibrancy, a ground-breaking study happening right here in Hamilton. CoBALT is looking for volunteers. To participate, please check out

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