Matt Thomson, Tim and Tanya Day Ritchie, Pam Gardner, Brodie Schwendiman


Show notes for: Saturday, January 25th, 2014

Recording Location: Hamilton Guest House,  158 Mary St N., Hamilton (Beasley Neighbourhood)


Matt Thomson

Matt Thomson is the co-chair of the Beasley Neighbourhood Association.   He sits down with us to talk all things Beasley and gives a bit of background about neighbourhood development. Beasley is the first neighbourhood in Hamilton to have a Neighbourhood Charter.


Tim Ritchie and Tanya Day-Ritchie

Tim Ritchie and Tanya Day Ritchie are owners and operators of the Hamilton Guest House (HGH).  HGH is located in the historic William Pring House.  They sit down with us to talk a bit of local history and a bit about their backpackers’ hostel.

Pam Gardner

Pamela Gardner joins us to talk about the Hamilton Areal Group, a local aerial acrobatics group.  To see them in action, they will be performing at Winterfest on Feb 8th – 7pm-9pm  .  The group is working on a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for a new indoor space capable of accommodating their arial rigging for practice gear.

Brodie Schwendiman

William ‘Brodie’ Schwendiman phones in to talk about the farewell events scheduled for the Casbah Lounge.

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