I Support Car Lanes

You know, bikes aren’t going away any time soon- people need to get around somehow. Look- I want to be clear I support car lanes. I even ride in cars myself sometimes, so I know- I’m real like you that way. But, you know, if people want to use cars, we do have parking lots, a driving park, big box centres where people are free to do all the recreational driving they want. Do we really need to invest in car lanes all over the place? It just creates congestion and gridlock for cyclists and pedestrians and that’s real bad for our local economy.

I mean for example at night I hardly ever see any car users on Cannon Street, but we’re supposed to pay for all those streetlights to keep it lit? What’s the point? We could spend that money on organ transplants for starving children in *The Third World*, because that’s exactly where money goes to when we don’t spend it on things like car lanes. That’s a fact.

I mean it would be one thing if we had a lot more car users but we just don’t. I’m pretty sure that’s a fact too. Building more and more roads and car lanes isn’t magically going to convince more people overnight to drive. It would be nice if we were a place like Dallas, Dubai or L.A., where they have a real driving culture, as opposed to the special interest driving groups who are pushing for all these car lanes all of a sudden.

I mean come on. Give your head a shake. This is Hamilton. It’s too bad we spent the last 50 years prioritizing bikes and transit over cars but we did, so just deal with it.

Again, I support car lanes.

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