Coleman’s Crowdfunding, Piercy helps People, Dishcrawl Dining, Canton’s Creativity


Show notes for: Sunday, March 9th, 2014

Recording Location: The Casbah, 306 King West, Hamilton (Central Neighbourhood)



Joey Coleman: Independent Local Journalist

Joey Coleman is an independent Hamilton journalist who streams and reports on the proceedings at City Hall.  We recorded this episode at an event Joey held to celebrate the success of his most recent crowdfunding campaign.  Joey joined us to talk about his service, and his plans for the upcoming election cycle.

Dave Hanley

John Piercy, Hamilton Firefighter

John Piercy has been a firefighter with the City of Hamilton for 33 years and an avid presence on social media locally.  He is using his community and online connections to bring people together to help out the residents displaced by the fire at 27 Bold street in Hamilton late last month.  Check out their Facebook Group: 27 Bold Facebook Group.  Special thanks go to: Rogers Communications, for supplying a brand new Blackberry Z10 to the organizers of this effort.|

Dave Hanley

Dave Hanley, Organizer of Hamilton’s Dish Crawl

Dave Hanley is the force behind Hamilton’s version of the popular Dish Crawl. Now occurring in over 250 North American cities, Dishcrawl provides a fun and unique way to explore our quickly growing restaurant scene. Crawlers spend an evening moving from restaurant to restaurant, filling up on samples of cuisine from each location. Visit for more info. Be sure to check out his Ultimate Pop-up event coming up in April

Michael Canton

Michael Canton, Content Creator

Michael Canton is a talented local multi-media creative with a passion for his city.  You can check out Michael’s work at and, a site dedicated to highlighting local startups.  Michael sits down to chat about his experiences as a content creator and how he’s helping to foster a community of local creatives.

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