"I bent my wookiee"

LDJ Review: Rogue One

Rogue One Spoiler Review
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The LDJ Review: Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad!
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The Lloyd D. Jackson Review of Movies: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman vs. Superman
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Fact: Humans are the only species on earth that produces comic-book related podcasts. Here’s ours.

We depart from civic stuff to talk about comic book stuff.
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West Harbour: A man, a plan, and a public engagement sham

In this episode we talk about the City of Hamilton’s plans for the West Harbour
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I Support Car Lanes

GO, Trains, Guns, Hess, Mail, and a random shot at Guelph.

LRT, GO, Hess,
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Bus Lane/Transit Discussion on Scott Thompson show

Matt Jelly joined Scott Thompson today on AM900 CHML to discuss transit.
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GOOD GOD podcast

Matt interviewed on “GOOD GOD” by Kevin Makins
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Function Keys 2

Show notes for: Tuesday, November 11th, 2014 Recording Location: STORE, 129 James St. North Guests: “Function Keys” is a three-day conference organized by Centre3 for Print and Media Arts that aims to explore contemporary ideas and issues in new technologies …
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Defies description

Dissatisfaction: Voter Inaction. Dreschel’s Thoughtless Reaction. Clown Contest Infraction.

Election results and turnout, Ottawa Shooting, and Jamie’s big news.
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It’s still election time? Good Graefe.

It’s still election time? Good Graefe! Dr. Peter Graefe talks all things election.
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Face to face with David Brace

We sit down for a chat about local arts and politics with b contemporary gallery owner David Brace, on location at STORE.
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