Breakfast and Board of Ed, with guests Leo Santos, Joanna St. Jacques, and Larry Pattison


Show notes for: Sunday, February 16th, 2014

Recording Location: Papa Leo’s, 638 Concession St., Hamilton (Eastmount Neighbourhood)



Leo Santos of Papa Leo’s Restaurant

Leo Santos, longtime friend of the show, is the owner and proprietor of Papa Leo’s, a great breakfast and lunch spot located at 638 Concession St.  Leo sits down to talk about life as a restauranteur over the past 4 years, and about being part of the renaissance happening on Concession Street.   A big thanks to Leo for letting us drop by.

Larry Square

Ward 3 Public School Trustee Candidate Larry Pattison

Larry Pattison is the first, and to this point the only candidate to register to run for the Ward 3 Trustee position for the Hamilton public school board.  Larry has been very active in the lower city school closure discussion.  He joins us, along with Joanna St. Jacques to provide his input as a resident, a candidate, a parent and a potential future School Trustee.

Joanna St. Jacques

Photographer, ‘Save Parkview’ organiser Joanna St. Jacques

Joanna St. Jacques is a professional photographer, a parent, a Ward 3 resident and the organizer of a petition to save Parkview School.  She joins us, along with Larry, to discuss the Parkview situation and the broader issues concerning the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board.

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