Because, The Municipal Act…

Blog post by Dan Jelly

I think this is the year I’m going to say “Because, the Municipal Act.. ” a lot.

No, you can’t fire a Mayor or City Councillor
No, not even if they do that, or THAT, or even (ugh) *THAT*
No, you can’t leave a vacated Council seat empty for that long
No, you can’t appoint somebody to a vacated seat but not allow them to vote at meetings
No, you can’t appoint somebody to a vacated seat then make them not run in the next election
No, you can’t redraw Ward boundaries temporarily to avoid making a different controversial decision
No, you can’t call a snap byelection and have it done in 2 weeks.
No, you can’t appoint another Councillor and have them fill 2 seats at once.


Because, The Municipal Act…

Check out our January 18th podcast where we touch on the implications of the Municipal Act on local politics.

Or, if you feel bored, here’s a link to the Ontario Municipal Act, of specific relevance is the section on Vacancies

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