Matt Jelly For Mayor – Official Campaign Announcement & Platform

By Matt Jelly

Friends, as you know, yesterday I announced my intentions to run for Mayor of Hamilton. I want to thank you all for the outpouring of support over the past day- friends, family, neighbours and local media have all reached out to me with very kind words of encouragement- I could not be more humbled and excited for the upcoming Mayoral race.

I really do hope the race I’m entering is an open and robust discussion about the future of Hamilton- not just a counterproductive and shallow debate on the politics of the next four years.

There’s a more important question: What kind of City does Hamilton want to be in 10, or 20 years?

I will say, the reaction to my announcement was surprising to me, quite frankly. I do know I’m not yet a “frontrunner” in the race, and it’s extremely early on in the process. We still don’t know how many other candidates will enter the race- but I did feel it was important to get my name out there early, to avoid any potential vote splitting (Martinus) that could occur.

As a candidate who refuses to accept union or corporate contributions, I do recognize that this campaign could be an uphill battle. But there’s a lot of time between now and election day, and I’m confident that with your help, I can win the 2034 Municipal election.

That’s not a typo, my friends- I’m committed to running for Mayor in 2034. Quite frankly, I feel there were some media outlets that rushed to publicize a story before asking me for details on which election I’m intending to run in. The citizens of Hamilton’s future deserve better than that.

I was hesitant to release details about a campaign that is so far way- but due to yesterday’s unfortunate confusion, a lot of you asked what I will champion as your Mayor. Here’s a sampling of the platform points I’ve laid out so far.



I don’t feel prepared for the challenges of being Mayor until our number one civic priority is addressed; I’m confident that by 2034, the Pan Am Stadium will finally be finished. However, by then it will be time to build a brand new facility for the Greater Toronto Tim Horton’s ArgoCats to play on, and we will probably owe it to them anyway because of how late the first one was. Then we can finally put that Stadium where it belongs- Tim Horton’s (formerly Confederation) Park.

Besides, the old Stadium will be unsuitable for Modern Football, which will be played on a vertical field of grass. (Don’t ask.) I also expect the 2035 term of council to finally address that mess in West Harbour. Residents have seriously waited long enough for action on this file.


I fully-support Mayor De-elect Bob Bratina's bold vision for transit.

I fully-support Mayor De-elect Bob Bratina’s bold vision for transit.

On transit, I will be the candidate to finally get clarity from Premier Whitehead and the Provincial Government of the day on how or when they will be funding LRT. I will not take “We’re not sure, wait another 20 years, here’s another janky bus lane that doesn’t work” for an answer! Then we can finally achieve former Mayor Bratina’s bold vision for transit.


I will also be the Mayor who finally brings an NHL team to town- we need to live up to our 2034 vision statement to be the “Best Place in Canada to Subsidize a Pro Sports Franchise”. In the very least, on day one I’ll be calling the Mayor of Metro Cayuga to ask politely if their NHL team will play an exhibition game in Hamilton at the historic FOC U Centre.


I believe that by 2034, real leadership will be needed in order to clean up and revitalize all the under-utilized vacant brownfield properties around the Airport and at abandoned Power Centres- what on earth were we thinking? The Hamilton of the Future needs JOBS- there will have been a time when the Arts industry employed thousands of Hamiltonians making Macaroni necklaces for the monthly art crawls, but we will need to admit those days are behind us in the present, and diversify our local economy. We won’t be the “Macaroni City” anymore- no other candidate is willing to say that, but I will.


We need to lure companies like Red Bull with generous incentives and tax loopholes to build a Space Elevator here, before Kitchener or Greater Flamburlington snaps it up.


It will be time to admit moving the Festival of Friends from Ancaster to Vaughan was a mistake- in the very least, council should stop funding it. Especially if they still don’t have those 2013 financials in hand.


By 2034 it will be time to reverse the poor decisions made by our school board in 2013. I beleif that thoes decisons sverley impactd teh qality of are locale edukation, like, alot


What is this thing?

What is this thing?

What is it? It’s been sitting on that vacant lot on King William St. forever. I will get rid of it.


That’s all I feel prepared to share right now- like I said, the 2034 election is a long way away. What’s more important is that you make sure you’re registered for the 2014 election. You can visit to ensure that you’re an eligible voter, and visit The City of Hamilton’s 2014 Municipal Election page for all other information pertaining to the upcoming election, including information about nominating yourself as a candidate. I’m not running in 2014- but maybe you should.

Make sure you can vote- and make sure your friends, family and neighbours can vote. Learn who the candidates are- make absolutely sure that all the issues that matter most to you are discussed in this election. Go to every debate you can, ask all the questions you can think of, and challenge the media to help inform your decision on who represents you best.

Remember something: Good candidates don’t matter nearly so much as good citizens.

I apologize for the confusion.



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