About In The Neighbourhood

In The Neighbourhood is a podcast and website dealing with issues that affect neighbourhoods in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, profiling the people, organizations and businesses trying to make our city more livable.

Hosted by Jamie “Gunner” Smith, Matt Jelly and Executive Producer Dan Jelly, In The Neighbourhood started on local campus radio at both Mohawk College and McMaster University in Hamilton, starting in January 2012.

gunnericon Jamie “Gunner” Smith (www.gunnersmith.ca Twitter: @gunner101) is In The Neighbourhood’s Host and Producer. Gunner has been a fixture in local independent radio since the “Fatty” Arbuckle Scandal of 1921. He’s bald, farts liberally, and recently returned from being stranded on an island for five years, where he diligently studied Kung Fu and archery to prepare him for his quest to right the wrongs of his own family, fight the ills of society, and restore Starling City to its former glory. Oh wait, that’s actually the synopsis for CW network’s Arrow. It’s not bad I guess, it’s way better than MARVEL’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

dan-icon Dan “Gunner” Jelly (www.danjelly.com Twitter: @kingandjames) is In The Neighbourhood‘s Executive Producer. A local photographer, founding partner of Jelly Brothers (a subsidiary of JELLYCORP), blogger and twitterer, Dan is “the more handsome Jelly brother” according to former regional Chairman Terry Cooke, and fashionable local debutante Christopher Cutler. Huge Milli Vanilli fan, before, during and after the whole lip-syncing scandal. Can you believe it?

matticonMatt “Gunner” Jelly (www.mattjelly.com Twitter: @mattjelly) is a two-time failure in local politics, with a loss for the Hamilton Mayoral seat in 2003, finishing in last place with 0.37% of the vote, and a loss for Hamilton’s Ward 2 Council seat, finishing second place with 18.72% of the vote, skillfully avoiding victory over Ward 2’s current councillor, Jason Farr. In the years since, Matt has returned to his regular gig of doing posters for local bands, using his personal facebook account as a raging bully pulpit, and making pillows with stuff screenprinted on them. It’s pretty sad. When Matt was 7 years old, he destroyed Dan’s Milli Vanilli tape- Dan actually went out and bought another one! Ha ha! Can you believe it?











Can you believe it?