2014 Municipal Election Video Roundup

Matt Jelly, In The Neighbourhood

Every municipal election cycle brings with it a slew of campaign videos- some good, some bad, and everything in between. In their attempt to capture the hearts and minds of voters (usually on a shoestring budget) some videos… stand out among the rest, let’s say.

Behold: the most outstanding campaign videos of Hamilton’s 2014 Municipal Election.

Candidate: Mark Di Millio – Ward 3 Council Candidate 

Video: “mark D” a.k.a. “Don’t Worry, Vote Happy”

There are no words.

Candidate: Crystal Lavigne – Candidate for Mayor

Video: “Crystal Lavigne Mayoral Candidate Hamilton, Ontario 2014” 

This does seem like an earnest attempt to connect and level with voters, using the flashcard technique ala Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues (1965)- only with a whiteboard and more of a home-brew soundtrack. Candidates might be advised to make campaign videos a little more brief- admittedly this one drags on as the soundtrack simply loops twice.

Candidate: Ejaz Butt – Candidate for Mayor

Video: UNAUTHORIZED “Ejaz Butt for Mayor” 

We honestly don’t know what to make of this next one. The video says it’s an “Unauthorized” video in support of Mayoral Candidate Ejaz Butt. So it’s possible the candidate didn’t sign off on it, but we’d be remiss to leave this one out- the music alone makes it “outstanding”- not to mention the commentary on building reliable cycling infrastructure. Warning: NSFW.

Candidate: Tone Marrone – Candidate for Ward 9 Councillor

Video: Tone Marrone: Ward 9 Councillor Stoney Creek Website Sequence

Former Mayoral Candidate Tone Marrone is running this year for Ward 9 Councillor. You may remember Tone from his appearances in advertisements for Ultramatic adjustable beds. Tone’s campaign video this time around appears to be a brief Angelo Mosca endorsement, followed by a clip reel of Tone’s appearances in television and movies. 

Candidate: Bobby Assadourian – Candidate for Ward 3 Councillor

Video: Integrity-Passion-Results “REAL” Reel

Ever since Mr. Assadourian implied that me and Gunner are fat (ok we sort of are), we’ve been really unsure about the aims of his campaign. However, we do have to give credit to Mr. Assadourian for his voluminous campaign video work. (Editor’s tip: If you change the settings on YouTube to play the video at half speed, this video is even more outstanding.)

Candidate: Sean Gibson – Candidate for Ward 3 Councillor

Video: “Campaign Video 

Definitely the most dramatic video we’ve seen yet- Campaign Video by Sean Gibson, who asks “Are you scared?”

That’s just a taste of this year’s offerings. If you know of a campaign video that deserves to be on this list, contact us and we’ll review your findings. 🙂 Please remember to vote on October 27th, 2014 – for more information on where and how to vote, please visit www.hamilton.ca/election or vote2014.hamilton.ca

I do feel an honorary mention is deserved in one case- it’s technically a video from 2010, but it must be seen. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you 2010 Mayoral Candidate Pat Filice.

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